Looking for new seat cushion?

Seat Cushions are available in a variety of densities and can be made from foam, fibre or feather.

Choose foam seats cushion for:

Foam seat cushions are available in a choice of firm, medium or soft. They offer a more supportive feel than fibre or feather thy hold their shape well and are long lasting. They are the most cost effective way to replace cushions. A foam cushion will have a 'block' look.

Choose fibre seat cushions for:

Fibre seat cushions can be used for seats or backs, when new, they have a bulbous rounded look, they are softer than foam cushions but will not hold their shape for as long. They are mid-priced cushions. 

Choose feather seat cushion for:

Feather seat cushions give a luxuriously soft comfort they have a long life, but require a lot of ‘plumping’ to keep their shape. They can be used for both seats and backs. They are the more expensive option.


New Back Cushions.

Back  Cushions are available in fibre or feather cushions and can be made with a border or scatter style.

Choose Fibre back cushions for:

Fibre back cushion are the most popular type of back cushion, they provide a quite firm support but still allow enough give to 'sit into' and not against. They hold their shape well.


Choose Feather back cushions for:

Feather back cushions give a much softer feel, they wrap around and shape around you, they do require 'plumping up' on a regular basis and are known for not keeping their shape.

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