Free Cushion Quote

We provide a free quote, we just need to know about your cushions.

  • Measure the cover not the cushion (turn cover inside out first)

  • Tell us the sizes in inches

  • For block cushions we need (a) side-side, (b) front-back and (c) depth eg a=32 b=25 c=5

  • 'L' Shape we need (a) rear side -side, (b) full front-back (c) depth, (d) lug side-side, (e) lug front-back

  • 'T' Shape we need (a)  rear side -side, (b) full front-back (c) depth, (d) lug side-side, (e) lug front-back

  • Cushions will be made larger than the cushion cover to allow them to fill the cover properly.

  • Please take extra care to measure accurately and when choosing the filling as all our orders are bespoke, we cut them to size for each individual order, therefore we are unable to re-sell cushions to other customers, so we are unable accept any returns.

Block cushion 

'L' cushion 

'T' cushion 

Don't worry if it's an unusual shape, irregular shape or you're not confident measuring your cushions.

Simply give us a call and we can give you a 'ball park' figure.


Then, if you would like an exact price you can draw round your cushion on newspaper or wrapping paper, send it to us and we will get back to you with your quote.

Or if you live close to us, we are happy to visit you, measure your cushions and provide a quote for free.

For our local customers in Bradford, Keighley, Halifax, and some parts of Leeds we offer a free home visit where we can measure and price you new cushions whilst you try our different sample cushions on your own settees and chairs


Choose your own comfort from soft to firm


Save on the cost of a new suite

Tailor made comfort that you'll love 



Fibre foam or feather to suit your needs

  • Free local measuring service

  • Free local home visit with samples

  • Free estimates and quotes

  • Free local delivery and fitting

Enter your details to arrange your free quote

Cushions cut to size and  supplied throughout Bradford, Halifax, Keighley and Leeds

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